Meet The Owners

Tim McElravy

QuickBooks Online has changed the game when it comes to automating bookkeeping and administrative tasks that kept business owners from doing what makes them money. We strive to be the leader in helping to facilitate the setup and maintenance of a QuickBooks Online ecosystem that fits your business model and allows you to grow your business while having peace of mind knowing that we are always keeping an eye on your current tax situation.

I have 4+ years as an IT professional that taught me the power of cloud applications and it is clear that the future is heading to the cloud. The way business has been done is rapidly changing, as is the tax law, and we at Plus Minus stand at the ready to help you navigate these changes and take your business to the next level.

During my IT career, I felt the desire to go back to school while living in Seattle to earn the degree of Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Central Washington University. Upon graduation, my wife and I moved back to Oregon to be close to family as we started having children of our own.

I am confident and excited about the future of my career as the training I have received over the last 6+ years has constantly challenged me to improve my professional skills including communication, work ethic, and knowledge of each industry we serve through our clients.

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